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Mobile drive control unit SC 9-8/B

  • The unit SC 9-8 / B is a power processor-controlled module that contains eight semiconductor powerful outputs, each of them able to provide up to 15A.
  • These switches have been designed for demanding mobile applications. The switches are provided with an overcurrent, overvoltage as well as a temperature protection. Therefore, quality and monitored switching is ensured.
  • The current is monitored by a switch and can be evaluated in the control microprocessor. The current limit can thus be set for each output individually!!
  • Nine digital inputs serve for connection of external control elements (buttons, switches, sensors...) on the basis of which the microprocessor controls the outputs of the controller.
  • The power supply range is 12 V and 24 V including the robust overvoltage protection.
  • Unlike the unit SC 9-7/A, this unit contains the communication interface CAN J1939.
  • The unit is located in a watertight case and is fitted with DEUTCH connector that meets even the most demanding requirements for use in the car industry, lorries, agricultural machines etc.
warranty 30 months Made in Czech Republic
Power supply range  12 ÷ 24V DC
Digital outputs count 812V-24V / 15A
Digital inputs count 912V-24V, overvoltage protection of inputs
Communication interface 1CAN J1939
Protection  IP68
Operating temperature  -40÷85 °C
Size (w×h×d)  118 x 36 x 114
Connection 1xConnector DEUTSCH DTM 13-12 PA
Connection 1xConnector DEUTSCH DTM 13-12 PB


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