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Poti Standard

  • Cermet resistance line with linear behaviour and very high mechanical endurance
  • The mechanical stops serve for delimitation of working area during assembly.
  • Metal cover closed with epoxy resin sealing compound
  • Metal shaft
  • The output voltage has only signal character and it is not possible to connect power loads
  • High mechanical endurance typically 50,000
  • For non-acoustic applications
  • Can be used, for example, as a robust angle sensor with excellent linear output
  • Used in devices with high requirements for accuracy
warranty 30 months Made in Czech Republic
Resistance range 0 – 1k
Operating temperature (°C) -50 to +85
Tolerance (%) ± 20
Angle range 240°
Climatic resistance category 65/125/56
Cycle count 50 000
Rated load (W) 1
Connection Faston 3x6,3
Assembly to panel M10x0,75


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