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SFS Controler 240

  • A powerful regulator of ventilator revolutions and DC engines.
  • This is not PWM regulator that has PWM signal on the output, but DC voltage with very small ripple.
  • The value of the output voltage is set by an external potentiometer connected to the regulator's connector.
  • Also a multistage switch can be used.
  • Considering the fact that the power part is not controlled directly, power control elements do not have to be used.
  • The range is continuously controllable 0% - 100% of the supply voltage.
  • The regulator contains a thermal and current protection and a robust overvoltage protection on the input.
  • The regulator is located in a watertight case and is fitted with DEUTCH connector that meets even the most demanding requirements for use in the car industry, lorries, agricultural machines etc.
warranty 30 months Made in Czech Republic
Power supply range 12 ÷ 24V DC
Power of regulator 240 W
Output current load 10 A
Regulation range 0% - 100% of the supply voltage
Control Multistage switch
Two-wire potentiometer
Protection IP68
Operating temperature -40÷85 °C
Size (w×h×d) 116 x 55 x 66
Connection Connector DEUTSCH DT13-6P


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