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Smart View Plus

  • Thanks to its robust solution, it can be used in climatically demanding conditions, e.g. building machinery (high resistance to dust and water).
  • Inside the display, it is fitted with a modern power processor of the group ARM11. The processor makes it possible to apply the display in such cases in which a common personal computer could be used.
  • In comparison with this solution, the display has the following advantage:
    • low consumption
    • small size
    • does not contain rotating ventilators
    • industrial buses (RS422 and CAN) without further extension cards etc,
  • Further, it offers the same possibilities as PC, such as:
    • multimedia (playing video, pictures and sounds)
    • common buses (USB, Ethernet)
    • connection of memory cards etc.
  • The used operating system Linux offers easy and reliable, tested through many applications, implementation of the above mentioned advantages with low requirements for hardware.
  • The display of 1280x1024 resolution is used as a visual display unit.
  • However, a HD display can be used on request of a customer.
  • Sensor of the surrounding light intensity.
warranty 30 months Made in Czech Republic
Protection degree IP65
Operating temperature -20 to +70°C
Bus CAN, Ethernet, RS422
Signalling sound
Buttons15, illuminated or touch layer


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