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Steering column Smart Steering Unit

Sloupek řízení Sloupek řízení

Description of the steering column:

This multifunction assembly of control station was developed in consideration of providing the maximum comfort for the operator with the minimum possible requirements for installation space; it can be installed into almost any machine with a cabin or platform. As the first in the world, we developed an assembly with a display which can be tilted inside the steering wheel. Several features of the assembly are unrivalled in the world; three patent applications have been filed in relation to these features. The assembly was developed exclusively by SMART-TEC s.r.o. Its flexibility and modification possibilities make it suitable for most customers worldwide. The equipment has been tested in the harshest of conditions and it is in compliance with the most stringent requirements of European standards. The vertical (height) shift, tilting of the pillar and the colour of the display guard including the keyboard imprints are always solved in consideration of the customer's requirements.

The machine operator control station assembly includes a steering wheel with a fixed centre in which an 8" display is situated. The display resolution is 800x480, it is highly luminous (450Cd/m2) and it can be tilted towards the operator. It is fitted with a very light transmission for transfer of forces between the steering wheel and pillar. The assembly includes all necessary plastic and rubber covering components. Due to this solution, the assembly may also be used in harsh climatic conditions such as in construction machines with or without cabins (high dust and water resistance).

The STANDARD version of display features:

  • Possibility to define several levels of backlight corresponding to different light conditions of the environment (work at night or in daylight) including the colour spectrum of the backlight of buttons.
  • Illumination of the buttons, each of them being provided with illumination that can be controlled independently of the others.
  • The button and display cases are made of aluminium alloy. They are physically separated and therefore serviceable and replaceable separately!!!
  • Recording of the graphics and programme through the CAN bus lasts only a few minutes. For example, 8MB data are transferred in 15 minutes.
  • The size of the display is 8" with a resolution of 800x480 pixels and luminosity of 450Cd/m2
  • IP69K protection

Connection with the column is ensured by:

  • Robust but very light gear box ensuring transmission between the steering wheel and the column

The steering column makes it possible:

  • To tilt and change height of the steering wheel only by a two-position lever
  • Tilting of the steering wheel is ensured by a gas strut and is thus continuous and more accurate without tooth bounces and undesirable effects causing sliding the wheel on a driver

Optional - this optional PLUS version is equipped with inputs to 4 cameras (possibility of further extension) and transmission of signals through a twisted pair, similarly to the CAN bus. In comparison with asymmetrical connectors (BNC, SMA, ...) they better comply with EMC. In industrial applications, where fast data are transmitted and high robustness is required, only symmetric inputs and outputs on a twisted pair are used nowadays. Except for CAN, ethernet-baseT, RS-422 etc. can be mentioned.

MSV 2014 Gold Medal nomination

Steering column Smart Steering Unit Gold medal nomination at Brno International Engineering Fair 2014

warranty 30 months Made in Czech Republic


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