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Smart View Standard

  • Thanks to its robust solution, it can be used in climatically demanding conditions, e.g. building machinery (high resistance to dust and water).
  • High thermal resistance of the display.
  • The used display offers high luminosity and is thus well readable even in sunny weather. In addition, on the display, there is a sensor that can change the display illumination depending on surrounding lighting; therefore, the illumination can be reduced to a low level at night.
  • The display is also fitted with sound signalling provided with adjustable volume. The sound signalling can thus be used in noisy as well as in quiet workplaces, so it can be heard in the noisy areas and does not bother operators with its loudness in the quiet ones.
  • The colour 8-inch display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels is fully sufficient for common industrial applications. The display can show values, bar charts, XY graphs, device hands, indicators with various pictures etc. In the case of application more demanding from a graphical point of view, SMART View PLUS can be used.
  • There 15 buttons located around the display. These can be used to change the function of the display and to control data transmitted by CAN buses. Illumination of each button can be changed.
  • The display communicates with its surroundings via two CAN buses through which a new firmware can be recorded.
  • Up to 4 camera inputs can be connected to the display.
warranty 30 months Made in Czech Republic
Inputs4, camera
Luminosity 450Cd/m2
Protection degree IP65
Operating temperature -30 to +85°C
Bus 2x CAN
Signalling sound
Buttons15, illuminated


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