custom development and serial production of hardware, software and special purpose machines

Let's invent smart things together


We are united through a desire to develop and create new things. We are here to assist engineering firms, manufacturing plants and all manufacturing companies using electronics in their products or processes in their solutions in the development and production of hardware and software.


You can encounter our smart solutions across various sectors:

We have the two most important values:

Customer satisfaction and contentment of people who work with us.

Do you know what we like? We like the work-life balance. We like nice background at work and the opportunity to enjoy your time outside of it. We believe that the balance between work and leisure time brings better results.

And what do we wish for?

So that we, as an association of people, were able in contact with each other, with our customers and the environment, put humanity first.

We started in January 2010 in a garage, just like Harley-Davidson or Apple :-). We're headed high and we are successful. Today we are partners of companies such as Ammann, Bobcat, SaarGummi-CQLT, Seznam, Zetor and many others.



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Czech Republic

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Customer service

Petra Doležalová

phone: +420 491 614 526
mobile: +420 606 923 893
Technical Department

Miloš Lemfeld

mobile: +420 605 181 765