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Our specialization

Company SMART-TEC s.r.o. has been founded in January 2010 by the team of specialists with longtime experiences in electronics, industry and commerce. Our specialization is development and production of:

the intelligent control systems
industrial ECUs and displays
microprocessor units and other electronic devices
dedicated industrial machines
software for PLC, PC, ...

Within the scope of these solutions we can manage:

  • power outputs based on semiconductor intelligent switching elements
  • CAN, RS422, RS232 buses
  • software for data processing and communication with these modules
  • products are manufactured in accordance to the EU technical standards and harmonized European norm (hEN) for mark , attested by a certificate
  • in case of need the products and the software can be developed in accordance to the ČSN EN 62061:2005 (IEC 61508) and the ČSN EN ISO 13849-1:2008, to achieve the high safety integrity level (SIL1 / SIL2)
  • dimensions and design of the products reflects the demand of our customers with Ingress Protection Rating (IP) up to level 68.
  • provision of 3D data for building our device into a customer's machine

All our products are developed in our own laboratories and manufactured by modern production facilities. Already in the process of development we plan to use the world's finest and best known manufacturers parts. In each area of our business we work with many partners who are the technology leaders in their fields. All our products can boast the brand "Made in Czech Republic" and, if needed they are equipped with relevant certificates .

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SMART-TEC s.r.o.
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